About being a good listener…

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PersuasionThe web 2.0, and especially the social media, industry loves to talk about the wonderful habit of becoming a listener as a collective, a community, or a company. And it seems that almost every social media expert has something to say about the value lying in the fact of having to listen to your customers. You just have to follow this Twitter search.

But ‚listening‘ is nothing new, nothing special. It is one of the basics of communication, and of the sender recipient relationship. These days, it seems that it has been merely reinvented by social media experts. Lately, it is regaining relevance for business people. And the social media industry needs to be careful not to make a famous buzz word out of it.

Doesn’t it sometimes sound like an antithesis to our upload habits: the word „listen“?

Is it because the web 2.0 world is the upload industry, producing content all over the place in social networks, discussing topics in forums, and (micro-)blogging on different platforms. How much spare time do we have on our hands compared to some years ago. Do we even have any time left today to be a good listener? And then we all still go on talking about how to be a good listeners…

I am reading an interesting book at the moment, given the fact that it is an amusing and recapturing resource for basic strategic things. Our brain does not keep basic things forever and it is always good to refresh the little brain cells. The book’s title is ‚Persuasion‚ and written by James Borg.

In the book I found a wonderful quote that really speaks volumes:

His thoughts were slow,
His words were few,
And never made to glisten,
But he was a joy
Wherever he went
You should have heard him listen.

We all know that it pays good dividends if we listen to our clients. Listening creates relationships, friendships and valuable business talk. And although I love to listen to Jeremiah Owyang who takes the meaning and importance of the word ‚listen‘ to a higher level in a business strategic sense with his ‚Evolution: The Eight Stages Of Listening‚, the question will remain:

What does it mean to be a good listener? Do you know? Have you found another good quote?

Will be listening carefully to what you think about how to be a good listener… and I hopefully will finally become an even better listener.

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2 Kommentare zu "About being a good listener…"

  1. Eric Matas am 19.11.2009 18:47 

    It annoys me that people who say, „Listening is important“ get credit as good listeners–by default.

    Every so often, I contact the great listening advocates. Very few respond. You must speak to prove you are listening.

    We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. ~Epictetus

  2. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 19.11.2009 20:52 

    Eric, good and well-put words. It needs more than talking about listening to become a follower of Epictetus. Appreciate your input… THX. You found a new follower… and listener. Be sure to read feedback from my end…

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