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Did we not always think that social media geeks and freaks are lonely. Thus having a need and reason to blog and be active on social media groups and communities: better living virtual versus embracing people in real life?! One of the most recent study “The Social Side of the Internet” by the Pew Internet and American Life Project states that active internet users are more likely to be involved in community building, no matter if on political and religious topics.

80% of internet users participate in groups. And non-internet users? Only 56%! Social Medians show an even higher rate with 82% of social network users being active and 85% of Twitter users are group members. And there are reasons for it which absolutely make sense. For the majority of internet users who participate in groups the internet is an important communication tool. That’s were they can address their issues, will be heard and helped them in connecting to groups of their needs and desires. Almost 50% found that the internet was useful for raising money, organizing activities and recruiting new members.

The research director at Pew Internet and co-author of the report Kristen Purcell mentioned that respondents were excited about the impact to the actions they had on society. The chart below illustrates that 53% of respondents felt that the internet played a major part government official election.

Facebook still leading for group communication (asuming this is taken from a consumer perspective). Probably more from a B2B perspective, Twitter gets 12%. Still famous texting! 74% said they keep in contact via texting with members. No surprise for me was that internet users tend to be more engaging and active within their group compared to those who attend meetings, donate money and volunteer their time.

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