Ads on iPhone & iPad: Double the click rate to relative Android devices

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MediaMind Technologies Inc. today released a new study „Tiny Screen, Huge Results„. The new mobile research finds that the iPhone is the trendsetter in the mobile advertising revolution delivering higher Click Through Rates than devices with other operating systems.

MediaMind reviewed over 230 million mobile impressions in Q4 2010 and Q1 2011. They discovered that devices based on Apple’s iOS operating system result in twice the performance of phones based on Google’s Android operating system, and even five times the performance of BlackBerry phones.

Above that, mobile ads achieved an impressive Click Through Rate (CTR) of 0.61%, while standard display banners for PCs are cited with a CTR of 0.07%.

When Mediamind analyzed the browsing habits of mobile users, the study revealed that people browsing PC screens peaks during business hours between 9 am and 5 pm. Mobile browsing are high during the evenings. Mobile Click Through Rates find their peaks in the evening and gain higher CTR than PC at any time of the day.

The study also found that most verticals achieved a high CTR, beating out benchmarks for browser Standard Banners. Entertainment, Retail and Financial Services are among the highest performing industry verticals on mobile, while Apparel and Government have the lowest CTR.

„Mobile is proving to be one of the most financially rewarding formats in the media mix“ (…) This is most likely the result of mobile ads being a new experience for many users, and that they occupy a larger portion of the screen as compared to browser ads.“ Gal Trifon, President and CEO, MediaMind.

Spot On!
At this point, however I rate these results as they sound amazing (and need to be obeyed and checked for the future of mobile advertising), it needs to be asked whether these results came together because of the curiosity of users using a new device, fingers are sometimes too big for the tiny screen, or people just not realizing that they are clicking on banners as people are not used to knowing where the banners are placed. It is still early stages in mobile ads. I have clicked on some banners and not intended to do so quite often on my iPad and iPhone. The study would be a perfect seelling piece for iAd, but I am asking myself if these results have any connection to marketers, agency people and creative heads using iPhones predominantly, and thus being more open to marketing messages than Android „developer-minded“ people. But maybe I am thinking too far here. Any comments…?

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3 Kommentare zu "Ads on iPhone & iPad: Double the click rate to relative Android devices"

  1. Ariel Geifman am 07.07.2011 13:23 

    We are seeing some differences in CTR over the course of the day, which indicates that many of the clicks are intentional. For example, CTR during the evening is higher than during the hours when people at the office. If most clicks were inadvertent, CTR would stay much the same throughout the day.

  2. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 07.07.2011 16:04 

    Ariel, much appreciate your feedback – sounds about right. Nice indication that people spend/have more time „checking“ ads on their i-devices in the evening. However, we all know how much new technology changes our behaviour and also, how quickly enthusiasm falls asleep. Still a good study from you guys.

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