Blog Action Day 2009 – Climate Change and Water

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Blog Action 2009When I heard that ‚climate change‘ is the topic of the Blog Action Day 2009, I decided to write a post about one of my shirts (see picture left).

Well, there was a hole in the shirt. The hole came to my attention on the day I heard of the blog action day. And as the message on the shirt corresponded with the topic, I decided to keep the shirt. I got it stitched.

Isn’t this quite unusual in our times of fast buying habits? Getting something stitched that most of us would probably have thrown in the bin if it just costs 30 EUR. It is just a shirt, right? No, it is not!

It’s as simple as that: The message is important for all of us…


For 1 glass of beer you need 75L water
For 1 cup of tea you need 30L water
For 1 cup of coffee you need 140L water
For 1 egg you need 200L water
For 1KG paper you need 750L water
For 1KG wheat you need 1300L water
For 1KG rice you need 3400L water
For 1KG beef you need 16000L water

Have you ever thought about these facts when washing your hands, cleaning your dishes, or even, well yes, washing your shirts?

The shirt comes from an organization called Viva con Agua, founded in 2005 by the German football player Benjamin Adrion (who was just recently given the highest German medal of honor by the government). And hey, they are spreading their message on several social networks as well, on Twitter, on Facebook. and on YouTube. The organization is campaigning for clean drinking water worldwide and you can join and help them with their efforts?!

Water will become on of the most important resources in our future – water is living and water is running short – all over the world. So, the message of the shirt should make us aware to handle water with care.

The changes of the global climate that occur as an effect of the greenhouse gases will affect a huge portion of the freshwater resources in the future… and a lot of human beings. The affect can be seen in an increasing number of floods and droughts the news report about on a daily basis.

Snowpacks in the Rocky Mountains are melting quicker than expected caused by intense dust storms, resulting in water in the 21st century. The affects on the African are critical as this continent always struggled with water resources already in the past. The future won’t look more promising. The African water page makes us aware of the effects that are relevant in terms of water resources. And when the water level of major rivers are dropping we should all be thinking about how we can stop this development.

Climate change wanting modern water resource solutions is an important topic for the future that different organizations and governments have on their importance list: the world council of churches meets and talks about it, the Californian government offers interesting film and educational material, and Water UK outlines the impacts of climate change upon water and how the UK water industry is addressing them.

Spot On!
Every person that travels around the world knows about the importance of handling water in a responsible manner. We get reminded when traveling and staying in hotels all over the world… „Don’t waste water and think about it when you throw your towel on the floor if it really needs some washing – or if you cannot use it once again.“ Well, that is my message to you on the Blog Action Day 2009

Let’s all be aware to handle water and our climate with care… every single day o four lives!

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