Bloggers – Future multipliers for reach or relevance?

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In some meetings and talks with marketers I have got the feeling that reach and relevance will be redefined in the media landscape in the future. And I would like to ask my readers (as I am also asking myself) if and how much businesses will need to orientate their awareness towards a new media intensity dimension: bloggers. Can bloggers become important multipliers for advertising reach and/or relevance, or will they always suffer from the long-tail argumentation which I have heard quite often lately: lack of reach…?

Traditional media will still be the main driver for reach and relevance stated all of my co-panelists at the event „The World after Advertising„. And yes, I agree with them somwhow… Or why would I have chosen to work for a global publisher like IDG again?! However, I wonder how (not if!) bloggers will change their relevance for the modern social advertising market. Although bloggers might not necessarily have a mass influence (reach) for brands, they could have even more intense impact (relevance) for brands when addressing a „target-group“.

Especially, when we bare in mind the latest Forrester research „The 2010 European Peer Influence Analysis Report“ which states that „4% of online users are responsible for 80% of all influence impressions“.

Let’s imagine bloggers are thoughtleaders, visioneers or trendsetter. They are among the most engaged people in their topic of interest. If not, why would they commit blogging, and not invest their spare time in watching football or going for a drink with their friends more often instead? Many bloggers have 500 readers via their social graph that are intense social influencers in their expert field as well. They again speak with 1000 followers/fans/readers in average via their communication channels. This sums up a potential special interest target-group of 500.000 contacts. Overlapping contacts and doublication in different social networks does the multiplication business which the media space calls the importance of frequency buying. Isn’t this exactly what brands are looking for?

I can see the blogger’s audience potential and can evaluate their reach intensity and contextual relevance as I understand more from day to day what my blog has done to me. The relevance for the blogger’s reach will be defined through their social graph and the active social medians (and their social graphs) networking with them. If bloggers position themselves as a trusted resource, especially when speaking with a quality business audience, and have a deep relationship with their followers/fans/readers, should not companies and brands establish relationship with these people? They are the best brand and message multipliers – almost (or even more?) like VIP’s, brandevangelists, every time you rescue, retain or re-engage a relationship with them. And how great would it be if they would commit to one brand publicly…? As a brand marketer would you not embrace that blogger and try to cooperate?

Some marketers already buy (or want to buy) traditional banner ads on blogs or try to paid post campaigns, but cannot buy a social graph yet. In my eyes the long-tail needs to find a way to enable that. Just imagine the frequency and intensity effect it does to the relevance of a brand. Some even pay for posts and some even want to conquer social streams by buying tweets. A nice opportunity for bloggers if they want to monetize on sharing their knowledge. If (for some) there wasn’t social media ethics like honesty, authenticity and credibility in their way, the ad options for companies and brands would be fantastic.

Sometimes, I doubt that bloggers don’t want to earn money with their social graphs. Sometimes, I think publishers monetize editors via their ads, so why don’t bloggers think the same way but more clever…? And sometimes, I ask myself why companies still ignore the advantage of a blogger’s intense reach, and even more… relevance for an engaged (growing) audience.

The question for brands and companies is: Will blogger content, and thus reach and relevance, scale like traditional advertising for brands? And then I try to understand if and how they might affect the ad industry in the future? If you have any answers, let’s dicuss…

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6 Kommentare zu "Bloggers – Future multipliers for reach or relevance?"

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  3. Paul H. am 23.12.2010 09:11 

    Very interesting insights, and yes, bloggers need to get more relevance in marketing discussion. Brands still don’t understand the reach and relevance discussion. Was about time that somebody is bringing up this topic…

  4. OliverG am 24.12.2010 11:24 

    Well, there is a general confusion about Bloggers and Blogging.
    Blogging is not the ‚usage of some publishing channel‘. Is is more a mode of perception, thinking and communication that just some ‚technology‘.
    As to making money from the social graph: It’s somewhat like selling insuranbces to your uncle ;) OTOH if a blogger is -‚useful‘ to his or her network (and a blogger is, as you describe‘ more likely to have a larger than 150ppl-Dunbar-Network) usually they will not mind ther blogger to make money, IF, and that is key, they are not manipulated for financial gain.

    So the key issue for the ‚advertisers/marketeers‘ is: to create passionate customers/users/evangelists/mavens among the bloggers. For that you don’t only need glossy magazine ads but (e.g.) an awesome product and customer service.

    Which is much harder than just to buy TV minutes…

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