Cisco: By 2016, there will be 100 million smartphone users in the world

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In 2010 Cisco predicted that internet video content would make up 57% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2014. They also predicted that online video (TV, video on demand, Internet, and P2P) is set to exceed 91% of global consumer traffic in five years. Although we cannot say yet, if this wll be reality, it is obvious that audio-video content on the web is on the rise.

As trends are chasing one another, Cisco is now foreseeing a future where by the end of this year, there might be more smartphones on the planet than humans. But they are going further: By 2016 Cisco sees a world with 100 million smartphones which means that there will be 1.4 mobile devices per capita according to their data.

Cisco finds the three main reason for groth in global mobile data traffic in the Middle East and Africa (groth rate of 104%) and Asia Pacific (84% growth). China will account for over 10% of global mobile data traffic in 2016 – more than doubled since 2011 then. Tablet traffic will grow 62-fold with an average traffic generation of 4,2GB/month.

And again it is the video traffic which they see as a massive argument for growth. With the increase of mobile network connection speeds, by 2016 two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be from videos. Cisco predicts a 25-fold increase in five years.

Spot On!
Today, many people have two devices – one for business, one for private use. The interesting part of this Cisco forecast is that the development of „Bring-your-own-device“ (BYOD) could actually change our attitude towards the „multi-management“ and „multi-ownership“ of smartphones in the future which is already causing a headache for CIOs. Although, in our house, we have a ratio of 2,5 smartphones per capita, I am about to change it and would never again have more than one phone – whether self-employeed or working for a company.

How about you? How do you see the development and what do you think BYOD could become a turning page on this evolution of smartphones? Looking forward to your input…

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