Candidate 2.0: Did you find a new job using social media?

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This week, there has been the Careerbuilder example on how using social media might effect your career in a negative way, and also on how to restore it. This post is meant to turn this topic into a positive point of view scenario.

Isn’t it a better idea to look for positive examples on how candidates 2.0 were successful finding a new job with their social media activities? And how they did it, or what they actually did?

We all love success stories, don’t we? That is the reason why this post was created…

So, if you were interested in online reputation this week…, you could come across another two interesting posts concerning how to influence your career with social media. Both were meant as a positive advice, although one had a negative connotation. One, on how to promote your personal brand via social media, and another one on 30 examples how Twitter can ruin your career.

Some examples of the second post definitely show a quite amateur behavior and these people probably got themselves into serious trouble. Still, the question remains if those people really need to be fired immediately, or just criticized, or are we not all becoming cooler with the future use of social media world in terms of career aspects… and don’t take every word with a pinch of salt.

Having written that, I am still waiting for the first relevant study on how many recruiters use social media as a pre-selection tool for potential candidates. We probably all agree that recruiters and hr managers use social media in an intense way, and increasingly for their research – but we do not know how or in which way.

A friend of mine, who is a recruiter for one of the big worldwide recruitment agencies told me that there was not one job applicant that has not been screened via social media tools or platforms in 2009. So, there is a need for people to know what is happening and a study could do people some good.

Today, I have even seen that we already have a Social Recruiting Summit. If this topic is evolving in the recruitment arena, then it definitely makes sense to ask some questions. So, coming back to my headline…

Who can say he/she has found a job using social media?

And to give this topic more relevance and transparency for the future, I would appreciate if you could take part in our following poll …

Candidate 2.0 – Online Reputation: In the eyes of recruiters and hr managers, will (micro-)blogging pay out when applying for a new job?

Spot On!
Now, one thing is for sure: If you are applying for a new job (or even evaluate doing it), there are definitely some reasons to choose your words wisely in communities, social networks or (micro-)blogs.
But isn’t this what we all knew before? Was this not written in our employment contracts? Don’t talk about internal stuff… Your voice becomes public in communities, once it goes live on the web – and the push factor in communities might be massive. Not only because people like to ‚tweet‘ and ‚re-tweet‘ things. This is not a Twitter phenomenon – status updates are also on Facebook, Friendfeed, XING, etc…

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