The multiscreen world is evolving…

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Some days ago, I have written about the timely relationship in media usage between TV and mobile apps. This week, NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey Company, found a statistically significant relationship that shows a correlation between online buzz and TV ratings.

The study concludes that the correlation takes place throughout the TV show season. However, the impact online buzz has on ratings can vary based on a season’s timeline. The strongest correlation is with viewers ages 12-17 and 18-34 with a slightly stronger correlation for women over men. Seeing older viewers, social buzz gets more impact on ratings toward the end of the season.

The studies show that the usage of mobile and social are also linked when we bear in mind that 50% of social media usage came through mobile last year. It suggests that more and more people are sitting in front of their TV screens with their mobiles (smartphones or tablets) while surfing the web and chatting with their friends or other people all over the world about the shows they are watching… or other topics of interest.

We see more and more ConnectedTV’s coming to the market. US smart TV shipments is said to double in 2012, reaching 52.85 million units and 20% of the market according to Parks Associates research, and over 60% of US connected TV homes use apps.

There is no dout that TV and online will become one world in the future. Already, 74% of people with broadband surf internet while watching TV according to some OVUM research. However, the questions arise whether the user will have and use one or two screens in the future, and which one will be first and second screen? Will smartphones and tablets replace the importance of TV, or will the power of TV increase. In the US studies the average TV viewing time is

This week, I have been to Mediamind’s DED2011 in London where some great speaker where giving insights in the cross-channel consumer and the future of ConnectedTV.

Dean Donaldson, Global Director of Media Innovation at MediaMind gave a great summary of the latest development how users engage with screen today. The usage time of Online versus TV usage (more than 5 hours) is only 10%, mobile is used 20 minutes daily. However, this does not mean that the user is in front of the screen. The question is which screen is really catching the interest of the user and how long are people paying attention to what is happening on the screen. What was „watching onair“ becomes „engaging online“. The latest Honda Jazz commercial illustrates the opportunities that the convergence of TV, Online and mobile offer.

After the event I had some time to speak with Dr. Patrick Dixon, Chairman of Global Change and author of Futurewise. His success ca be manifested in his social web figures. The website gets 14 million unique users, 4 million video views and his Twitter account shows 42.000 followers. This man knows what he is talking about…

Spot On!
The outook into the future of Connected TV is fascinating and goes hand-in-hand with the evolution of screen technology. ConnectedTV, or Smart TV, will need to take the customer with them and TV manufacturers, cable suppliers and broadcasters need to find the right path from hype, futuristic gaming to reality. Consumers are not buying a TV screen as fast as a laptop or a smartphone, although they are using it more often than the other devices. And marketing in a Connected TV world will become even more difficult as marketers need to address the customer with their brand message on the right screen, at the right time and in the contextual situation.

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