Content Marketing, Brand Perception & the Content Omniverse

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Some years ago I remember saying to my boss: „Content marketing will become the future“. Well, here we are…

Companies create their own media, attracting their customers through content services in different shape or form: text, audio, video or image. Marketing strategies are getting their turns with new social media opportunities by customers contributing to what brands are shaping for them. Paid is „out“, owned is „in“.

By creating their own digital publications inside their websites or with hubs through Facebook pages, Linkedin groups or Twitter accounts, the world of media has turned around as more and more consumers use the possibility to generate and add content to brands. Brand perception, compared to brand awareness in the past, gets some complete new impact that we never had in marketing history.

Some weeks ago, The Content Marketeer created some slideshow on content marketing which gives guidance and shows best practice to marketers from different companies like American Express, IBM or L’Oreal.

Furthermore, the guys from Copypress have now conducted a nice infographic that illustrates the Content Omniverse, as they call it. It offers facts and figures of YouTube, Facebook and other platforms which makes clear the power that these platforms have to leverage brand perception. The most interesting facts on this sheet come in the end – The Copy Content Universe.

– There are 7.38 Billion web pages indexed.
– An average day at WordPress gets 500.000 new posts but only 400.000 new comments.
– By 2013, user-generated content producers will increase from 82,5 to 114,5 Million.

Spot On!
The challenge to increase brand awareness through content marketing efforts will increase. But do the figures in the Content Copy Universe suggest that comments will go down while word-of-mouth will go up? What’s of more value for brand perception then? What does it mean from a user point of view? Will users be able to follow the big content marketing offering, or simply shift their attention focus in fast intervals? Will brand perception still be handle for brand marketers, and how will the value change through user generated content? Many questions. Maybe you have got some answers…

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  1. Gabriele Wehner am 10.08.2012 12:22 

    In my opinion, the difference between the number of posts and comments does not necessarily implicate that comments become less important – but rather, how difficult it is to create content that provokes a) attention and b) a reaction. The more content there is, the more necessary it becomes to generate content that is either relevant or at least entertaining to those you want to address.

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