The desktop is dead – Tablets are on the rise

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How often have we discussed the multiscreen usage and adoption, from a smartphone point of view, from a ConnectedTV perspective, and it’s combination. We never speak about desktops anymore…

Tablets are the rockstars in this game… and probably soon replacing desktop’s popularity. Tablets are changing our communication. Tablets are changing our shopping behavior. And tablets are more engaging than desktops: People spend 54% longer on websites when using tablets.

Skyrocket put together a nice animated infographic that illustrates the rise of tablets. Northern Americans already spend at least one hour per day on their tablet. In Europe, people are spending 9.3 hours using tablets according to the latest IAB Mediascope Europe 2012 research.

Some more facts how people use their tablets…
– 72% shop online
– 54% send emails
– 39% engage in Social Media
– 30% play games
– 25% consume news

The video also assumes that the use of tablets fosters the experimental, emotional and interactive engagement and connection with brands. True?

Well, a recent study by Adobe called „How Tablets Are Catalyzing Brand Website Engagement“ confirms that. The study states that tablets’ share of website traffic is increasing at 300% a year. Adobe analyzed 23 billion visits to websites of more than 325 brands across North America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The research states that consumers consider tablets and PCs to be nearly interchangeable and are less likely to use smartphones to view media websites.

What’s your finding on tablets? How are these devices changing your online lifestyle?

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