Email, Facebook, Twitter – Why consumers „unlike“ brands

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Credits: ExactTarget

While some businesses think whether to partner with Facebook, others might abandon email technology for their business. And many companies ask themselves if it makes sense to use Twitter for customer communication and if so, why?!

A recent research by ExactTarget-CoTweet states reasons why users get out of email lists, Twitter or Facebook. The US study shows that extensive messaging and little relevancy are major reasons why consumers leave Facebook pages and Twitter feed, or unsubscribes to e-mail list.

ExactTarget-CoTweet asked 1,561 U.S. online users between 15 and older in the time period of December 17th to January 10th, 2011. The report shows the main reasons why consumers abandon online brand activity from companies. Let’s start with the eldest technology and still most used communication tool. Although Social Networks will kill the traditional mailbox in the future…

– 54% messenges sent too frequently
– 49% content repetitive and boring
– 47% too many emails sent by brand
– 25% messages were irrelevant from start
– 22% subscribed for a one-time offer

– 44% company authored too many posts
– 43% wall became glutted with marketing
– 38% messages repetitive and boring
– 24% posts were overly promotional
– 19% content was irrelevant from start

– 52% messages repetitive and boring
– 41% stream became inundated with marketing
– 39% company tweeted too frequently
– 21% tweets were overly promotional
– 15% content was irrelevant from start

Social Media becomes more and more important for marketers, especially small business companies show big engagement in Facebook and Twitter marketing efforts. The temptation from marketers to be „too much engaged“ in the new social networks and to lose the interest focus of their consumers has not changed. When 26% of respondents said they only „liked“ a brand to benefit from a special offer on Facebook, it speaks a clear language. The user wants control, not the brands. They decide what to join and when to opt out. The difficult approach to find the right balance shows the following numbers: In Facebook 24% and in Twitter 27% „unsubscribe“ as they do not get enough deals. Only 6% replaced their email subscription for Blogs, Facebook, or Twitter.

Would you agree with the findings? Do you think there is a difference in Europe? What drives you mad when brands approach you via these technologies or platforms?

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10 Kommentare zu "Email, Facebook, Twitter – Why consumers „unlike“ brands"

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  3. Johannes Lenz am 17.02.2011 14:52 

    Hi Martin,

    interesting post! I wrote the day before yesterday on about the ExactTarget/CoTweet results.

    For me its important not only to know the reasons how brands can involve people in the social web but also why they can loose fans/followers.

    We often can read about how to be attractive as brand but seldom about loosing attraction.

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  5. Juergen am 21.02.2011 04:44 


    I`ll think the frequency of posting on Facebook and Twitter should be seen different. At the beginning of an Facebook page you should post more articles because you must show your readers that you are a professional in your business. Later the frequency could and should go down to perhaps a limit of one posting a day – but allways with relevance to your niche or business.
    I`ve tested a lot thins starting my facebook-page – hope for mor „like me“-fans ;-)
    Have a nice day
    Juergen (from germany)

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