Enterprise 2.0: Classic or Social Media Branded Website?

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Some weeks ago, I raised the question via Twitter…

„What is more important: homepage or company branded social sites?“

This all resulted in the post ‚Let’s prove the power of the share economy‚. Why do I post that again? As there is a company example which definitely has to be discussed…

First, there was Modernista and Zeus Jones, now we have Skittles. They relaunched their websites so that it is becoming essentially a social media branded website, i.e. with Twitter search results for the word “Skittles”.

The menu on the Skittles website also offers links to YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and Flickr,

What this does to their brand? Obviously, create complete transparency… Good or bad?
Good: A great idea to create massive buzz around their brand…
Bad: What if somebody tries to abuse transparency? Moderating? Not possible…

Let’s have and share your ideas on this interesting approach…

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2 Kommentare zu "Enterprise 2.0: Classic or Social Media Branded Website?"

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