Enterprise 2.0: Dion Hinchcliffe’s advice for Europe

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At Cebit, I had the pleasure to be part of an exclusive social media experts group to enjoy dinner with Dion Hinchcliffe, the enterpise 2.0 specialist as well as ZDNet blogger, and Dr. Frank Schoenefeld, Head of Business Internet Applications and Services at T-Systems.

The fireside talk offered some very interesting insights on enterprise 2.0 and how companies are starting to put the pieces together for a progressive approach on ‚breaking the chains of control‘ and ‚being open for change in terms of the new dialogue with customers‘.

Dion explained on how much companies in the US use wikis, social networks, external and internal blogs for the sake of collaborative working benefit. What was surprising is that companies in Europe are also preparing to become enterprise 2.0 business focused (i.e. ABB, BASF, Deutsche Lufthansa and Vodafone) – although these ‚offices‘ don’t really have an elaborated enterprise 2.0 strategy, yet, both experts admitted as much as they could see it.

On my question how far enterprise 2.0 goes, when facing the Skittles website experiment Dion simply answered that this is a social media experiment which we will see more often probably. Nevertheless, a good example that shows how companies experiment on social media and web 2.0 opportunities – though this ‚completely open approach‘ might be risky.

Next day, Dion found some minutes to spend with me to give European companies some advice on…

How to find the right attention for enterprise 2.0 inside your company?


What are the biggest challenges of enterprise 2.0 for European companies?

Spot On!
The final conclusion of the very well organized dinner by Kongress Media was that the enterprise 2.0 strategy heads in the direction of…

Position the ‚right‘ people who live and breath the enterprise 2.0 intelligence and know of the appropriate techniques and tools. The rest will follow…

Up to now, there is no case of bad experience with enterprise 2.0, at least none Dion, Frank or the other experts knew of. Still… There is no proof whether this is the right tactic to convince business decision makers of a new enterprise communication strategy – but the essential strategies are visible. Will stakeholders rely on this kind of business outlook? And afford to focus the risk of ‚letting go responsibility‘ in difficult financial times of strong accountability? The fact is, the more examples of enterprise 2.0 we find the better for every business. Enterprise 2.0 shares knowledge, intelligence and humanitizes companies in the eyes of customers.

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