European Study – iPad becomes most popular internet device at home

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In America, the iPad is the driving more traffic than smartphones already. But how are Europeans using the iPad? Sanoma has carried out a study in six countries in Europe (Netherlands, Finland, Russia, Hungary, Belgium and Germany) and surveyed 3,673 users. The average respondent was 39 years, and has high educational levels, with professional and academic qualifications.

The research illustrates that the iPad is a family device, and in second place used on holiday and when traveling. It replaces the importance of laptops and desktops, and becomes the primary computer at home. 73% of respondents use their laptop or desktop computer less, and 38% even their mobile phones.

People use the iPad predominantly in the evening (83%) and in the mornings (70%). 94% use their iPad several times per day with half of these spending between 30 minutes and 2 hours on it. Around one-third of respondents have downloaded more than 50 apps.

Germany (54%) and Hungary (41%) have the most users with more than 50 apps. Over half the respondents have paid for more than 6 apps. In general, women download fewer apps than men. Surprisingly enough, women play more games than men.

The iPad is a must have in Russia. Some households in Russians even own four devices. Whereas in Finland the iPad is more often used on the move, in Russia and Hungary it becomes the main computer at work twice as much as in other countries. And Germany even makes it to 4 hours usage time or more a day.

Spot On!
The owner is by no means the only user. More than half (67%) of the iPads are actively used by other persons (over 30% children!). This must be a nightmare message for marketers. Just think about what this means to targeting advertising to an iPad user…

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