Facebook & Mobiles: 488 Million Mobile Users

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Can we believe that? Yes, we can…!

Facebook rocks our mobiles with 488 million mobile users of their 901 million registered users! Facebook finds and engages 54% of all its users on mobile phones, thus smartphones and tablets according to socialbakers. There are many apps out there in the world but Facebook knows how to engage their users.

The iPhone (19%) and iPad (5%) together get a share of 24%, Android 19% and the Blackberry even 8%. Would have been interesting how much of the 32% of the rest comes from Windows phones. Bearing in mind that almost 95% of all tablet traffic comes from iPads, this makes an impressive iPad usage market share for Facebook.

The US with 105.901.000 user, Indonesia 28.847.140 user and India 23.383.240 users are the biggest Facebook mobile countries. However, the Facebook mobile penetration is amazing in countries like i.e. Nigeria, South Africa and Japan with 70-80%.

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    […] It was interesting for me to see that the fastest moving global brands are Halls, Axe, and Nokia – brands that have left my scope of attention in the last three years. Now, it would be freaking cool if we knew which ones of the 488 million mobile users are the most active on brand engagement? […]

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