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The cover reminds the reader of Facebook. The layout of the pages looks like some Flickr stream. And the text in them sounds like some kind of YouTube video that undermines with only some well-thought words the fast development of the social web world around us.

Futuretainment is more than a book for future management. It mirrors a consumer led-world, we cannot yet imagine in our business dreams – a world of social, media, entertainment and economic change. The world we are living in, is not facing a social media revolution anymore. The media revolution is getting closer to real life the moment these words get typed into my netbook.

Mike Walsh has been living and thinking about this social evolution of social media production and consumption from the beginning. This book shares his experience for all CXO’s to access a new understanding of modern customer’s culture of purchasing.

Businesses must re-educate themselves in their understanding of the way customers listen, read and watch product and brand innovation. The way consumers are broadcasting, gaming, branding, following advertisements and publishing is not following the old ways of traditional communication. Friends have more value than companies advertisments. They don’t believe in the authority of a big company any longer. They trust in the power of themselves: from customer to customer. Recommendation business is the future.

The CXO’s career success will be depending on how they can explain the change to themselves and to their stakeholders – and change the aspects of their business values to make the customer-led change happen inside their own company. A cultural change that will cost money, adapt identities, and move man power from traditional CV-based features to open-sharing minds. If you read the book you will know why it is worth while to go down that route.

Futuretainment… – The best idea is to buy this book for your management team as an incentive, and then build your business strategy on its theoretical and tactical basics. Re-invent your business strategy to become a part of the futuretainment world. Don’t try to hold on to traditional customer communication.

The future is moving fast. Entertainment is changing business values and workflows from desktops to mobile devices. Consumers love to be heard, and not to be manipulated. Thus, CXO’s better re-organize their internal and external cultural to keep up with the futuretainment’s pace.

Spot On!
In the last weeks, CXO’s and managers have asked me if this is all true about the social change and the myths around social media. I always adviced them to read this book by Mike Walsh, listen to his blog, or simply to follow him on Twitter. I absolutely agree with his words…

The book is published by Phaidon and art directed by the Vince Frost with Quan Payne.

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