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Whenever there is an advertising festival, we see a promotion video which shall illustrate the future of the advertising business. Some weeks ago, I wrote about the end of the future of advertising agencies which refers to the FITC in Toronto and envisions what could have happened to the last agency on earth.

Yesterday night, I came across another wonderful commercial which Young & Rubican Argentina produced for the Lapiz de Platino Festival. It is directed to those ad agencies with creative ideas that annoy customers (and consumers) with non-authentic, unrealistic and non-engaging productions that are not-yet or no longer familiar with reality.

It is probably not intended to visualize that advertising does not work anymore. And I can already hear some of the evangelists shout out now. But all evangelists out there should rethink their futuristic web visions. Even the founders of the Cluetrain Manifesto did so. They admitted after 10 years in an interview with Simon Owens that the thesis 74 „“We are immune to advertising. Just forget it“ might be wrong.

„Advertising isn’t going to work? Yes, it can. Google is the biggest brand and company going and they’ve made it completely on Internet advertising, and so checkmate.“ Christopher Locke

And co-founder Weinberger explains…

„Because though advertising has changed, the kind of advertising that appeals to the lizard part of our brain, that does work.“ David Weinberger

The challenge for advertising agencies is to elaborate these parts of our resistant brain. Otherwise they will inhume advertising, forget that companies are still looking to acknowledge social media ROI, and continue to create ads that might seem heavenly – but from those who are no longer with us: In Memoriam Advertising.

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