Global Web Index: Twitter shows fastest growth of social platforms

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According to some new research by the Global Web Index, Twitter is growing faster than any other social network in the world, leaving Facebook and Google+ behind. The index polled 31 markets for the research. In their definition, an „active user“ is a person who has „used or contributed to Twitter in the past month.“

The study suggests that the number of active microblogging service users increased 40% between the second quarter to the fourth quarter of 2012. Thus, Twitter gets up to 288 million monthly active users. This is an increase by over 700% compared to 2009 when Twitter just had 35.47 million monthly active users.

The research also shows that the engagement rate per user went up with 59% of Twitter handle holders being active on a monthly basis these days. Taken from a global perspective, 21% of worldwide Internet users are now active monthly Twitter users.

Global Web Index Twitter growth fastest

The study also shows the percentage change in active (last month) behaviours for Twitter users via PC and via mobile. „Comment about my daily activities“ or „Comment on a friends post“ is defined as the lowest ranking growth activity from both sides. The positive impact for brands is that Twitter finds more use in marketing which can be seen from „Organizing an event“, „Posting comments about brands“, „Using branded apps (with Twitter)“ or „Asking friends about products“. All of these figures show that the 3Rs of the social customer get more impact through Twitter.

Global Web Index Mobile and PC users

How do you use Twitter? Or why don’t you use it? Give us your views on which social platform is most efficient to you…

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