Hey parents! Kids cannot swim and tie shoelaces but use tech tools…?

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Credits: Indiana University Newsroom

It definitely was something I can confirm for me. I learned my basics like brushing my teeth, riding a bike without training wheels before I got access to technology. No surprise, Artari became popular when I had already finished my elementary school. Then computer technology exploded, also in my life…

Now, a poll by AVG of 2,200 mothers with children between 2 and 5 who have Internet access states their kids knew how to play video games (58%) than knew how to ride a bike (43%). Kids were able to open a Web browser (25%) than swim unaided (20%). An important gender divide could obviously not be found: Girls (59%) and boys (58%) ranked nearly equal in their tech skills at playing computer games. I was surprised to hear that French kids age 2-5 can use a computer mouse but only 67% of US kids.

Obviously there is a change in the lives and development of our kids which parents should be aware of. The results of the poll demonstate that younger mothers seem to be putting more effort on technology. Or do kids just draw their wrong conclusions from our extensive use of tech tools? Children with mothers age 35 or older tend to be better at most life skills (i.e. writing their own name). Younger kids with mothers 34 or under show higher skills in tech abilities.

In my eyes as a father it was quite estonishing to hear that 19% of kids knew how to play with a smartphone app but most of the children cannot tie their own shoelaces (9%) or make breakfast. Our big son was unlucky (the iPhone came out too late for him). He had to learn the show thing first. I will definitely assure that my little son learns to make breakfast first so that we can sleep longer at weekends. Just joking… ;-)

Spot On!
The study is part of AVG’s efforts to show how important early tech education is for children. The question is wether we need to have that proof or if kids just learn and copy how their parents behave and thus put more effort in the tech skills. In October last year, AVG released their first insights. They spotted that many babies have online Facebook and other profiles by the time they are six months old.

Now, what can you say about your kids? Would you say these findings apply to your kids as well? How is your emphasis on handling and learning new technology?

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