Hey, Twitter wants to make money…

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twitter-moneySome month ago, Twitter founder Biz Stone told us that he sees ‚tools not ads for revenue“, planning with commercial accounts for the future. And in this Reuter article he announces to start with monetization efforts by the end of the year. Now, he seems to realign his monetization strategy…

Now, after having changed their Twitter terms and conditions last night, it seems that Twitter introduced a new system of rules as well as more options for advertisers, users and Twitter itself. It seems as if they are preparing their monetization

In his post, Stone makes three changes that will have important relevance to the new Twitter monetization strategy:

1. Advertising
Twitter has the right to book advertisements, meaning to place ads on Twitter pages – if in streams or just on the background is not quite clear yet. The terms and conditions were changed accordingly. To some respect this is quite surprising as Stone mentioned some months ago that advertising is not his prior interest for monetization. He also said that it gets on users nerves and none of his employers has a deep insight in the advertising industry.

2. Ownership
Twitter is clever and starts a smooth approach towards changing the terms and conditions on this point – not like Facebook that got flagged by their users when doing so. But in terms of advertising, there is a big point in it. Although the tweets belong to the account-holders, Twitter takes the right „to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribute such Content in any and all media or distribution methods (now known or later developed).“ This gives Twitter a good starting point for targeted advertising opportunities which might become part of their monetization strategy.

3. Spam
Spam is out and -with the introduction of the new terms and conditions- officially forbidden! This is big change for the spam account holders. We all know that there are some of these spam accounts in our follower list and if we clear it up, we might loose probably 10-20% of our follower list. but who does it once he/she is over 1000 followers? So, if your company sends advertising messages to dead spam bots, you should be more careful from now on. Sanctions against spam could become expensive and won’t be positive for the reputation of your business. And it is not allowed to sell followers (probably as of the uSocial business). All sanctions resulting in a permanent-ban.

Spot On!
What does all this mean? Twitter wants to make money. Hey, who is surprised? The whole bloggosphere has been wondering why they did not do this earlier. Who expected something different? Tweets will be shorter (100 words instead of 140?) as ads need some space to create a message. And a lot of people will unsubscribe and wait for the next big revolution.

What is your view? Will you kill your Twitter account just because a media business is trying to make money? Will you be advertising on Twitter once they have a business model for it?

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