How the digital revolution drives the millenial teenager…

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We know that our teenagers are tech-savvy like we have not even been TV-savvy at the same stage of live. This modern generation is incredibly connected, wired and online these days. The digital world and technical devices seem to rule their daily lives. So, how far are they going with their digital communication engagement?

Some interesting studies and infographics might help us identify what drives the lives of the 18-34 year olds. The millenial teenager has…

– 319 online connections (versus 35-46 year olds with 198 online connections)
– 40% video chat with their friends
– 63% write daily text messages with friends
– 39% speak on the phone daily
– 35% interact face-to-face outside of school

The downside of all the digital consumption was found by a Kaiser Family Foundation study. It shows that heavy users (47%) were earning grades of C or below in school versus only 23% of the light users. And if the heavy users get in trouble twice as much as light users, it makes you think what all that digital overload is not making with us, and especially our young generation.

I know of friends and other people that passed my life who had bad grades and today have their own company, did fantastic start-ups, or help other people manage their business better. So, is the digital revolution really bad for this tech-savvy millenials?

An interesting infographic from combined the Kaiser and Pew results and added some findings from Common Sense Media and some other organizations. This, and some another infographic from, will help marketers and the „older“ generations understanding why technology is driving young peoples‘ lives. This is not all the latest findings but seeing it on one spot always gives some thought-provoking statement which we all should think about and discuss…

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