How to become „The Social Enterprise“…

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The mighty loss in productivity often moves ROI and positive arguments in the shade when the conversation comes to social business discussions. Especially, social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and the likes let managers get nervous if their employees are still working today for eight hours, or not. Or whether it is better to cut the line to social networks.

In times where almost every second employee calls a smartphone or tablet their property, all the discussion around baning social networks seem to be making less and less sense. Training and encouraging employees to benefit from social networking sounds even more appropriate. Just bear in mind how much knowledge the company could generate out of it, if the knowledge learning process is aligned to the use of social networks.

If employers see the benefit of a social business through connected workers, the digital access to the company expands and conversations around the company as well as rpducts and the brand will increase. It fosters and harnesses the ability to create leadership in different ways. Content, context and collaboration will rise. Managers just need to offer identification for consumers, differentiate from competition, and redefine commitment for employees and partners anew. Just like the Community Centric Strategy teaches them…

Gist also offers some nice recommendations how to become „The Social Enterprise“ in an infographic…

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  1. Was Sie verpasst haben: Social-Media-Rückblick KW 23 | SMO14 - New Media Excellence am 08.06.2012 13:50 

    […] Wie wird ein Unternehmen zum “Social Enterprise”? Diese Frage wird in einer Infografik beantwortet, die Martin Meyer-Gossner bei Gist gefunden hat. Zur Infografik: Wie wird ein Unternehmen zum Social Enterprise? […]

  2. Sandra am 15.07.2012 16:23 

    I like the info graphic !! Great work

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