How to ‚online‘ with school and college students

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Yesterday, I got an email form a student saying: „I need some information for my high school exams. Do you have some good links? Can you help?“ Well, I gave some advise, definitely. Which made me think about: How to address the modern student with online marketing communication? And surprisingly enough I found a quite new study…

The typical modern student writes, networks and chats social – but emails seem to be outdated. At least if we read what a recent study by eROI, an email marketing and interactive agency, states. The study focuses on how high school and college students and recent college graduates communicate digitally. According to a review published by the Center for Media Research:

The average students reads marketing emails “rarely to never” (61% of respondents). Just 16% are reading marketing emails frequently. Call to action works not for 66% of students on marketing emails.
It seems that company messages via email does not generate direct response effectively in catching their attention personally.

Let’s check the most relevant results…
– 81% got an email address for communicating with family and 52% for communicating with friends
– About one-quarter of students originally got an email address for social networking purposes
– 60% of students take action upon receiving an email only if they are interested in the product
– 47% take action if they are attracted to a special offer
– About 36% of students use email alerts to keep up to date on what’s happening on their social networks

If companies want to reach students they need to be active on social networks (even in business networks).
– 83% use Facebook,
– 65% use MySpace
– 21% use LinkedIn

The study identifies the channels are students using most. The preferred means of communication for college students are:
– 37% Text Messaging (SMS)
– 26% Email
– 15% Social Networking IM
– 12% Email on a mobile device
– 11% Instant Messaging
– 11% Social networking Email

Spot On!
The potential future ‚business elite‘ is turning marketing communication upside down. The study shows that communication will not take place via inbox but via quicker and more ’social‘ communication technologies and tools. So, what the social media world tries to tell the present business elite has already touched base for college and school students.

Read the full report here.

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