Infographic – The history of Social Networks

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Have you ever thought of the first elements that platform offered in terms of Social Media? Did you know what was the first development that today is one of the features that makes Facebook and Co. as successful as they are? This virtual infographic gives us a 30-year backlook with some (probably unknown) background information on platforms like Usenet, AIM and Friendster amoung others.

I had forgotten that the first email was sent out in 1971, I remember which nearly killed our network bandwith in 1997 at work, and I learned that the MySpace code was developed in just 10 days…

The creation was done by Enjoy, remember and learn…!

What were your first experiences with Social Media? Do you really bring email in context with Social Media anymore? Let us know what you think about the past of Social Media.

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4 Kommentare zu "Infographic – The history of Social Networks"

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  2. Peter Q am 25.01.2011 15:19 

    This tends to miss out some of the key early components of social networking.

    I would suggest looking at Vannevar Bush’s paper „as we may think“ which conceptualized hyperinformation communications systems, back in 1945. (google it).

    Then, have a look at MAn/Computer Symbiosis and Computers as a communication device, written by JAy Licklider and Bob Taylor in the mid 60’s as I recall (

    Then check out Vaxnotes – Digital Equipment had tens of thusands of employees running adhoc discussions through hundes of conferences. Early 80’s as I recall.

  3. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 27.01.2011 10:52 

    Great input Peter – much appreciated. In my eyes the infographic is more taken from a quite general and „most people will know this technology and platforms“ approach.

    Rory Cellan-Jones from BBC wrote about the Origins of Social Networks lately as well… THX to Suhela (Twitter @suzyspaatz).

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