Internet in a Day (Infographic)

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We have had it already, I know… But as we have the age of Big Data, the numbers increase and the speed of data development is much faster than half a year ago, and obviously much more than 18 months ago. So, why not show where we are today in terms of data explosion and web usage? The team from Internet Service Providers pulled the data together this time…

Internet Day Infographic

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2 Kommentare zu "Internet in a Day (Infographic)"

  1. Maxwell am 01.03.2013 09:15 

    The numbers are wrong:
    1 min Youtube uploads = 25h
    1 day Youtube uploads = 25*60*24 = 36000h = 1500days = ~4,1years and not 98years

    credits by @ArminWolf :-)

  2. Martin am 01.03.2013 18:01 

    Agreed, Maxwell. Let’s see if they do some monitoring to correct the figures…

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