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On 22nd of April, at 4:00 PM (GMT+0100), Michael Leander-Nielsen, well-known marketing expert, is hosting the webinar on ‚Social Networking for Business‚.

The webinar will present the results of his latest study conducted in Q1 2009 amongst 500 business decision makers in Europe. It will be focusing the social networking potential and attitudes from individuals as well as brands.

Michael gave me the honor to be the special guest on this webinar and talk about the future of social networking. And he was so kind to have me pre-publishing three exclusive results from this survey

1. Nearly 11% of business decision makers spend more than 9 hours on social networks a week.
Imagine what this means to productivity if these decision makers would be focusing more on their real business – the business of the companies they are working for…

2. For now, 37% cannot say yet if social networking is benefitial to their business.
Combined with the first finding an even bigger productivity issue for companies, don’t you agree?

3. The acceptance of advertising on social media profiles is increasing as long as people don’t have to pay membership fees anymore.
The option of advertising on social networking profiles is there but what does this mean to employers/companies in terms of employee contracts?

Furthermore, the webinar will provide insight and discussion opportunity on the following aspects…
– How do business decision makers use marketing through social networking platforms?
– How do business decision makers set your personal objectives for profiting the most from social networking platforms?
– Which key drivers, key trends, and key motiviations can be identified for engaging in social networks?

Register now and see who will be taking part in the webinar with you. Michael and I are looking forward to ’seeing‘ you discussing with us on the 22nd of April.

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2 Kommentare zu "Join our webinar on ‚Social Networking for Business‘"

  1. Michael Leander am 18.04.2009 07:35 

    Still a few places left – but hurry….

  2. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 24.04.2009 09:43 

    Its good to get all the nice feedback from the people on the webinar – via email and instant messenger. Sometimes I wonder why people just don’t comment public. See comment below, in my eyes the same applies to webinars…

    “Reading a good post but leave no comment is like leaving a good waiter with no tip”
    Axel Schultze

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