Let’s prove the power of the Share Economy

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When the web was born in 1989, the system aimed to facilitate ’sharing information among researchers‘. Now, who are these researchers and what are they sharing today? And, what do companies do about this ’share‘ vision in difficult economic times?

According to research projects, studies and common knowledge (also the common creative one), we all know that the customers is the researcher. He is sharing information and opinions on services, writing product reviews, bookmarking success stories or ‚chatting‘ about brands. Customers want the online communication, but do companies want it too?

Yesterday, I shared a question on Twitter after a client asked me in a meeting:

‚What is more important: homepage or company branded social sites? Your answer is…‘

And here are some of the thoughts that people shared – all limited to 140 words…

@MarksKiosk “Both. Your home page is basic info, a requirement. Social media churns current info and drives traffic. Vice versa.”
@flobby “well it’s all about information, not about the way it’s broadcasted. but a website is obligatory”
@david_ethority one way talking is history. customer dialog is presence, thus a corporate website without social tools is a phase out model.
@davidgammel “Both. It’s not a zero sum game, there is a lot of value in synergy between the two.”
@samraatkakkar “both, home page is info dissemination, branded social media site is engagement since this wud be interactive
@larsbas Is there a difference? I think there’re just good or bad homepages, depends on your business and what you want to achieve
@tsv1860 “right now: 50/50. and that’s as precise as my gut feeling gets.”

The answers show that some have thought about this question, some not, some even answered more often with different ideas. But all of them have their homepages, probably a few of them have social branded sites on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and so on. Just imagine how…

… many customers have shared this thought. ‘Where do I go first?’
… many of you business partners share this discussion offline?
… many much information could have been shared without 140 character limitation

Spot On!
So, let’s continue sharing this discussion! If this is really a ‘share economy’, then keep sharing this question, keep sharing your ideas in comments to this post in order to give all companies the latest buzz on the question…

‚What is more important: my homepage or company branded social sites? Your answer is…‘

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2 Kommentare zu "Let’s prove the power of the Share Economy"

  1. Pete Brand am 06.02.2009 22:26 

    Great post! I personally feel that companies absolutely need to take their customer feedback into account on every decision they make. Think about it … if you customer was unhappy 15 years ago they may have stuck with you because it was too difficult and time consuming to find someone to replace you. Today they can find a stream of qualified replacements in less than 60 seconds.

    I believe your customers today will stick with you ONLY if they believe you care about their needs and know you are taking steps to make sure they are met. Smart companies will have mechanisms in place on their website to gain this feedback from customers immediately and allow their voices to be heard. In my opinion social media is simply another avenue for them to voice their opinions and it cannot be ignored either.

  2. Jeffreylubowski am 17.02.2009 08:28 

    Good post. How to eveolve the obligatory website and make it more social, I beleive its inevitable and will happen that more social networking type of tools will be introduced to the „company website“. But can this only happen once you are more social inside the compay before you lead your customers or web surfers down that road? You must understand the benefits of immediate feedback and customer inclusion from internal mechanisms you have in place right? If you’re a social and open company where everyones ideas are welcome then you will likely be succesful in employing the same methdods with customers/vendors and so forth. If you’re draconian within teh enterprise and its all driven top down, then you’ve got some learning to do before you let a media agency or peer pressure talk you into creating those feedback channels.

    I am interested in how to get the enterprise talking amongst themselves first before trying it out on the customer…

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