Gen Y: How do we have to see and understand them?

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Credits: Gerd Altmann  /

Credits: Gerd Altmann /

There is a lot of misconception in the world concerning Gen Y. Some are trying hard to get it straight and correct the picture of a narcissistic and selfish data generation. My wish is to start demystify the tone that media spreads about this generation, a generation which has its strength and weaknesses (like all of us), but which will turn around the world we live in.

In the past years, I have written a lot about their attitude towards private ethics, business and working attitude, a hyperconnected generation as well as their future workplace, and how to make brand advocates out of them. All with the aim to get a better feeling and understanding of those Gen Y souls.

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When I held my presentation at the PerfectStormEurope conference in Amsterdam on Gen Y, I got the feeling I need to write more about it. People had prejudices, people had a complete wrong picture, and people said this generation will not be as eager as we are. For most of the arguments I had enough information to turn them around. Still, I will share kind of best of bread from all around the social web in the near future.

This recorded webinar by HuffPost Live with some experts caught my attention and in my eyes, it will help opening eyes to a world in the future. Just bear in mind that by 2020 Millenials will make up 50% of the global workforce. So, you better get prepared for those days…

Participants were…
David Arabov Generation Y Advisor – CEO of
David Burstein Executive Director of Generation 18 – Author of „Fast Future“
Joan K. Snyder @joansnyderkuhl (New York, NY) Founder of Why Millennials Matter
Josh Allan Dykstra @joshallan (Los Angeles, CA) Culture Architect
Jean Twenge (San Diego, CA) Author of „Generation Me“ and „The Narcissism Epidemic“ – Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University

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