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Marketing in Social Networks becomes more popular these days. Nevertheless, most marketers still don’t know where to find good cases for ‚pages‘ in Facebook. Adam Ostrow points to some good advice on the Facebook marketing solutions site and shares some more valuable information for brand marketers that want to engage with their customers on Facebook.

The social media elite thought about the future of blogs at The Next Web. Andrew Keen shares his view on ‚Blogs are dead; long live the blog‘. An interesting view which has deserved some deep thinking – and I do see this different which I will explain in some days…

To create some great advertisement is a difficult business. But that is one good reason for the future of blogs… there is always some blog with some special interest like (trotz denglisch) which will find its readers like marketers in companies or agencies – and give the right input to the people that need it.

My favorite and my message to everyone is this one…

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