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The outlook for online advertising in the US is not as good as expected. According to the IDC’s Ad Report Model predicts that U.S. online advertising will decline by 6% for full-year 2009 (9% in the first quarter already). For Europe the European Internet Advertising Association (EIAA) predicts more hope. In their Marketers’ Internet Ad Barometer 2009 they state that 70% of all advertisers will increase their spending in 2009.

Are you an expert on cloud computing? Well then, you are not alone if not… Mary Jander gives a great overview on the status on products for cloud computing and how far IT and business decision makers are in their minds seeing the benefit. And don’t forget to read the comments…

Is traditional media advertising dead? If we listen to the CEO of Vitrue, a social media company, then we acknowledge from his point of view why companies should ‚Stop Advertising. Start Socializing’…

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2 Kommentare zu "News Update – Best of the Day"

  1. Sven Blaukat am 24.04.2009 11:54 

    traditional advertising is not dead. advertising is just getting more complex. To reach a consumer, you just have to play the whole claviature of communication (including socializing aspects). It´s just not enough to provide information on all possible ad channels. You need a complex and efficient communication concept which will provide the most outcome. The setup and the skills of marketing teams have to change completely to be successful in the future.

  2. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 24.04.2009 13:55 

    Very good comment, Sven. I found the output quite offensive and ‚too early‘ in todays economic development as well – how about saying ’suffering‘ then we are somewhere in the middle of the truth. There are still a lot of companies not even thinking about socializing or just about evaluating it…

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