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Are you a CEO and want to become a blogger? This eBook from Shift Communications gives some help why you might start blogging – and offers valuable business examples of companies that have set up successful social media activities.

Last week, I shared some insight in a webinar on lead generation. There I was asked how it is possible to generate leads via Facebook landing pages. Adnan Ali did an interesting case study which illustrates how it is possible to get engaged with your customers on Facebook.

Coke wants agencies to be more profitable …for Coca-Cola Co. – and pushes them towards a value-based performance. How this is meant to work describes AdAge

„Traditionally, defining the value of an assignment has been the job of the agency, which tells its client how many people and how much time it’ll need to accomplish a given project. Under its new model, Coke will determine the value of assignments based on a range of factors including the work’s strategic importance, the talent involved and whether other agencies could duplicate the work — if they could, it’s worth less.

After those factors are used to set the value of a project, the agency’s performance and the business results that follow determine what, if anything, the agency deserves to be paid beyond its upfront costs (which, in practice, are sometimes inflated). If all targets are hit, the agency could make as much as 30% on a project; if all targets are missed, the agency won’t make any profit at all.“

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