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Who are the most reputable companies in the world? The Reputation Institute released their new ranking on the popularity of 600 companies. And the winner is…

1. Ferrero, Italy
2. IKEA, Sweden
3. Johnson & Johnson, US
4. Petrobras, Brasil
5. Sadio, Brasil
6. Nintendo, Japan
7. Christian Dior, France
8. Kraft Food, United States
9. Mercadona, Spain
10. Singapore Airlines, Singapore

The Gainers…

If you want to read about the biggest losers and what your company has to when you suffer an image and reputation loss, Darren Rose. There is a lot to learn on how to increase your audience by using hash tags.

The media industry is desperately looking for social media metrics in terms of how the data could be valued form a monitoring and purchasing perspective. Now, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has released social media ad metrics guidelines for the three categories: social media sites, blogs and widgets & social media apps.

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