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In recession times people think about improvement, re-structuring and effective changes in companies. Definitely one option is turning the business into an enterprise 2.0 business. And here are some links that explain the benefits of enterprise 2.0…

Newsgator shares insights in seven ways to cut costs with enterprise 2.0. A valuable post on how to save money and get the ROI thoughts on integrating social software tools.

Ross Dawson presented to a group of CEOs of large organizations how to prepare for an organizational change with enterprise 2.0 – and writes ten ‘dos and donts’.

Madan Sheina writes on the basis of web 2.0 in an enterprise 2.0 company and aks if it works.

PS: Forrester just launched a report which states that nearly one in two businesses will make use of enterprise 2.0 software.

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