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Gamers like ads according to a study in the UK. BizReport states that „many (65%) believe in-game ads add to the realism of a gaming environment and 55% go so far as to say ads „look cool““. And the study finds brands advertising in-game are reaching affluent, brand-literate young men. But also that around 40% of gamers are women…

When we think of case studies for social media, there is the mentioning of Dell, Zappos and Starbucks. In terms of retailers, there is another one that is not so famous in Europe compared to the other examples but it might change with the acquisition of 50% of Carphone Warehouse’s European stores. Yes, we are talking of Best Buy. Robin Grant summarizes insights of their success in the social media arena.

One of the most amazing virals comes from Mayo Clinic. Scott Meis explains the whole story of the main actors, the reasons for the success of this video and … this is why I have chosen to integrate this into today’s news… pics my favorite topic as the last successful argument: bridging online with offline. Yes, this is what makes the business of the web world a winner.

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