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What do you think is better: web-based learning or face-to-face? A recent study of Malaysian tertiary students reveals that ‚using web-based learning technologies showed only a slight improvement in performance over conventional face-to-face teaching methods‘.

Is Twitter just another tool for the inner circle of social media activist? At least it seems that this might be the fact when we hear this: Harvard Business publishes some results (300,542 users, collected in May 2009) of a study that shows… 10% of the Twitterati make 90% of the Twitter traffic – an average man is almost twice more likely to follow another man than a woman.

CMOs will change their attitude towards online marketing. According to a recent study „Ad Effectiveness Survey“ released by Forbes, 53% of senior marketing executives plan to spend less on ad networks. The expectations are… Viral marketing and search engine optimization will increase in spending in the coming months, behavioral targeting spending remains steady.

„Ad network spending is all about demand fulfillment while direct-to-publisher display is much aligned with the traditional advertising goals of demand creation,“ said president and CEO Jim Spanfeller. „It is interesting to see the shift of dollars toward demand creation as we see signs of life in the economy.“

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    […] Sometimes you read a study and think: “Ah, this is interesting information”. So, you write about it in a News Update. […]

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