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The first Bing commercial entitled ‚Manifesto‘ kicks off officially Microsoft’s Google competitor. The search engine ad spots for Bing (100 US Dollar campaign) on the notion of „search overload“. It is suggesting web users have been „lost in the links“ while America’s financial system has been collapsing. In AdAge Microsoft is cited the idea behind ‚Manifesto‘ is to elicit an emotional response about a concept that is decidedly not emotional. ‚You need the right informations to make the right decisions‘ – powerful words or just a platitude? Watch it and let us know what you think…

Some weeks ago, we were focusing the News Update on the Twitterstorm effect – and how to work against this phenomenon, meaning how to save brand value. Now, we can see in a great case study on Starbucks that companies involved in social media are most likely to survive a brand attack.

Ever checked the marketing effectiveness of social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Stumbleupon and Twitter for your website or business? An interesting case study by Randy Woods shows us how to approach such a challenge and what the results could be looking like. One thing is for sure: LinkedIn for B2B efforts is quite powerful…

PS: Happy Birthday, Facebook platform…!

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