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Paid content will be the future of web monetization, when we believe in the words of Barry Diller, chairman-CEO of Internet company IAC/InterActiveCorp.. He held the opening keynote on paid content and ads at the Advertising 2.0 conference in New York… and I was happy to read his words in B2B Online as paid content needs to be the future of the web.

“I absolutely believe that the Internet is passing from its free phase to a paid system,” he said. “Consumers have expected it to be free, but it’s going to change. It’s likely publishers will have fewer readers, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s inevitable. Some people will pay and some won’t, but it will be a good thing for everybody, including the consumer.”

We all see iPhones all over the place these days. It seems that if you don’t own one, you don’t belong to the lifestyle tech freaks. But did you know that iPhone users are richer, younger, and more productive at work than those who use competing smartphones. Read the Forrester study… and you’ll want one. Actually, I need to get one too, still in the Nokia E71 mode which is a great alternative as a lifestyle business phone…

Twitter and business is still one of the most discussed topics in the social media world. Finding good cases to leverage Twitter for your business is even harder. Bernd Schindlholzer found some interesting aspects on the customer voice, -feedback and -service as well as recruitment and viral marketing.

PS: Kodak will be kicking off their new ad campaign… Got to know him at the DLD09, great personality – Good luck for the campaign, Jeff.

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