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The success of banner advertising has a million faces. But there is one wall which advertisers always face before they meet the customer’s attention with it: Don’t judge your book by it’s cover. How you can get the desired ROI with your campaign describes Imbar Chap – she really shares some good advice.

And talking of banners… the discussion is on everywhere if banners are the right tools to promote products or services and how it pays out. Yes, David Greiner commented on the above post by Imbar Chap. The success of banners in most cases depends on the landing page, not the banner itself. There is a lot a education that needs to be done in order to keep the banner as a successful advertising product, and I think it is worth helping here.

And again banner… one of the best ads I have seen lately is the new Volkswagen banner. Although I love this banner concept, combining the Twitter madness and the VW branding. I am asking myself though, what the objectives for the success were if the banner met the expectations of their marketing department. For additional reading I also recommend Jeremiah Owyang’s post on contextual ads and social network profiles

PS: Did not know I should be driving a Golf GTI… but you never learn enough about yourself, right?

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  1. Are contextual social media creatives a good idea? am 26.10.2009 16:23 

    […] Today, an agency friend of mine (who is not on Twitter or Facebook) send me a link to a contextual ad campaign she found at the Eyeblaster Creative Zone. The ad is from Vodafone Italy and promoting their 360 degrees campaign. It is an experiment which reminds me of this year’s Volkswagen attempt. […]

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