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A search engine marketing poll by [x+1] reveals that marketers are still committed to search engine marketing (SEM) though results are not making them happy. More than half (65%) were dissatisfied with SEM a an the effect on online conversion, especially optimization for keywords and redirect visitors to dynamic custom pages.

Paid content is hitting the discussion all over the world. Now, Brandepublic writes some interesting statements in how brands could benefit from paid-for web content.

„The theory is that people paying for online content are more lucrative for advertisers“ (…) Obviously sites have to mitigate the number of ads they show on a subscription service and expect a dive in the number of users. However, a publisher like News International could charge for Sun TV and Sun Radio, along with its expert columnists.“ Robert Horler, managing director of Carat

„The internet is such a great destroyer of value,“ he says. „The value of a newspaper reader is hundreds of pounds a year when you factor in cover price and advertising, but an online reader is worth less than £2.“ Mike Teasdale, planning director at Harvest Digital

Creating a powerful brand is all about creating emotions. This Porsche commercial video shows it all – the power of ‚I desperately want this product‘ and it takes the viewers away into this small testimonial’s dream world…

Porsche CommercialThe funniest home videos are here

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