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Google’s is working on a new ad model to expand their revenue stream to performance-based advertising – not pay-pay-click is billed anymore. The new model is pay-per-sale, meaning, only when the person purchases the item through the ad activity Google takes the money from the advertisers.

Facebook affors a new life stream tool. In their Facebook blog the concept of the new Facebook ‚Live Stream Box‘ is featured as…

„…any website owner or developer can use to enable Facebook users to connect, share, and post updates in real-time as they witness an event online. You can run the Live Stream Box next to live streaming videos of concerts, speeches, sporting events, webcasts, TV shows, presentations, or webinars.“

Social media offers non-profits a great opportunity. It is no secret anymore that WWF is using social media in a big way (see also my partner box, right hand side). Josh Catone wrote a summary on their activity and shows some interesting examples how ‚WWF is using social media for good‘. The sake of our world lies in the hands of the people who live on it. Social media is used by WWF to emotionalize critical topics with a smile on the face. But it is engaging, sharing valuable and necessary background about our environmental and it addresses people to become supporters of their engagement.

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