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daily1Measuring the return on invest (ROI) is difficult – especially when it comes to social media activities. Christina Warren wrote an interesting post on how to define goals, which metric tools and the sentiment analysis. And she refers to a presentation by Oliver Blanchard who created a funny presentation on social media and the ROI…

… and btw: Omniture just announced a new social media measurement product that they will launch.

A recent UK study by the IT consulting company Morse showed some very interesting findings… The use of social networks by employees at work is costing UK businesses £1.38 billion each year in lost productivity – including especially the security dangers) . 57% use it for personal purpose instead of business means. More about the study on the Morse homepage

A funny commercial just reminded me of the cold age that is about to come up… and I am asking myself where I have seen this years ago. Can you help out..?

PS: The Premier League has made its way to Facebook. See who is leading

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