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daily1The internet is not isolating, finds a study by the Pew Internet Personal Networks and Community. The reason is that social networks like Facebook and Twitter keep the conversation to friends up better than some years ago…

…and the good news for marketers is: user of social networks are open to marketing messages via social networks and react in search activity, another poll by the Performics, Publicis Groupe’s ad performance division finds. And the contextual placement of banner with the right targeting show high effectiveness:

„In addition 30% said they first learned about a new product or service via their social media use, with a similar percentage indicating their interest in offers presented in a social media context.“

…and another study by Razorfish shows: the key to engagement on social properties comes down to old-fashioned direct marketing techniques – offering discounts and special promotions, argues MediaPost.

„What we’re finding is that with Facebook and Twitter, marketers are assuming some deeper dialogue, but what’s really going on is — people want deals.“ Garrick Schmitt, group vice president, Razorfish

Spot on!
Some weeks ago, I was creating the term the „engagement economy“ for a presentation on the future of web monetization. These studies undermine the importance of this term, it seems. The question is: Is the social media world moving closer to the traditional media world? What are the reasons for this development? Are companies „misusing“ social media? Or are users just engaging as of personal profit reasons?

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