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daily1Is Facebook the future of micro-payment? Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable, is discussing this question on CNN and he quotes Murdoch who says what all platform owners think.

„There’s not enough advertising in the world to make all the Web sites profitable. We’d rather have fewer people coming to our Web sites, but paying.“

Yes, there needs to be paid service on sites to monetize the value of the content. The only question is: Is micro-payment really the best web-monetization model or will we get ‚intelligent‘ subscription models like SKY in the TV world?

On Facebook people admit their affinity and love for brands in a way the world has never seen this before. Custom Facebook Page Gallery is a new site showing a collection of the best and most inspiring VIP and brand sites that exist on Facebook. The most interesting category is probably „1M+ Fans“ – presenting sites with more than 1 mio. fans. If marketers want to more data to explain this phenomenon to their C-levels, they should also read the study by Razorfish which we have published in another News Update – Best of the Day. Also see, Yew York Times post on How to market your business with Facebook.

OK, I have to admit I do love American TV shopping commercials. Why? We all know the Americans are great in selling products. But do we really need an egg cracker…?

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