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daily1A social benchmark study on the use of social networks by business professionals in the US and Canada reveals some interesting findings:

– 69% use webinars and podcasts as their major social media resources for b2b information.
– 83% use Facebook and 45% Twitter as the dominant social network on which consumer-focused companies maintain one or more company profiles companies
– 77% maintaining a profile on Facebook and 73% on Twitter.
– trend to see business-value in social networks: re-thinking restricted access
– in daily business 62% visit company or brand profiles on social networking sites and 55% search for business information on these sites
– IT professionals have the lowest participation rate.
– average company is planning, developing or running seven different social media initiatives: 71% have less than two years of experience with social media for business.
– Building brand awareness and brand reputation are two of the top social media success metrics, but nearly two-thirds of companies focused on these metrics have little to no insight into performance via standard or easily accessible reports.

„Does social media have any impact on public service use already?“ Someone asked me this question some days ago at an event? Here is the answer by the Institute for Proespective Study – a massive reading. A shorter read is the innovative new social media marketing strategy of the Nomads hotel group.

Some people are brand-vangelists. See this production of a LEGO maniac who calles himself LEGO Agent Jones: 440 production hours, 500 US dollars and one camera… – this is the output! LEGO should give him as many LEGO bricks as possible and make him their social VIP.

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