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daily1Finding interesting reviews of B2B social media integration is difficult. One of the best I read lately was the Autodesk (a CAD software company) example which Kipp Bodnar nicely explains. The engagement economy finds Autodesk in the social world in all relevant access points for ther company: blog, forum, Youtube channel, Facebook fan page, and sure the Twitter account. This really is a challenge and we have to see how serious the company will follow up on the conversations happening.

… and we have another example of a great company case study. Thanh Phuong writes about Spellbinders, a manufacturer of tools for the paper crafting enthusiast. Have a look at their blog, Facebook fan page, Twitter account and other access points for customers. It is a great case of a decentralized strategic approach:

“Wherever the consumer wants to be, that’s where we are. (…) We want all roads to eventually lead back to our Web site, and we’re redesigning it to make it much more social, but we don’t really care if our Facebook fans also are members of our Yahoo! Group. It’s about brand loyalty and recognition anywhere the consumer wants to find us.” Tobi Hall, Vice President Marketing, Spellbinders

Never seen this BarclayCard commercial before… but this is definitely something that needs to be shared with you.

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  1. Kipp Bodnar am 03.12.2009 13:12 


    Thanks for mentioning my example post on Autodesk. I am glad that you found it valuable. Enjoyed your post as well. The video was well done. Thanks for your support of Social Media B2B!


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