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daily1There are so many social networks in the market that it is difficult to have an overview on their statistic numbers: visitor, page impressions, members and engagements. Jeremiah Owyang collected information on these stats for 2008.

This is a perfect question for a day… Can loneliness spread through social networks. A recent study says: YES, it does! According to new research by John Cacioppo, director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago, social networks spread the feeling of loneliness. Unwittingly, we share feelings with others and by doing this influence the pattern of human connections of people in our community. Would you agree with that finding? Some weeks ago, I read that this is not the case but maybe somebody can help finding the study again… I have lost the bookmark.

PS: Another study by MicroDialogue’s for EURO RSCG shows that 40% of respondents are now „spending less time on face-to-face activities than they did 10 years ago“. Connecting these two studies shows the potential danger of forgetting the importance of the offline world in my eyes.

If you want to feel young again why not changing the point of view. Play poker and just get the right pill – or just watch this funny commercial with Centrum Silver.

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