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daily1A new report by Chitika Research states that BING users are more likely to click on ads than Google users. The CTR of users who come to the Chitika network via Bing is over 75% higher than those who come from Google – obviously all the results are based on Chitikah Research data. Nevertheless, Google dominates the search market with 84%, followed by Yahoo 7,4% and BING 5,75%.

Chitikah CTR-Graph

A study presented at Harvard University by the “Society For New Communications Research” (SNCR) shows how the CEO and major decision makers get engagged with social media. Jeff Bullas summarizes the 30 key findings in this post. The top 5 business take-aways for me are the following…

– Professional decision-making is becoming more socia
– Professionals want to be collaborative in the decision-cycle
– LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter are the leading social networks for professionals
– Professionals tend to belong to multiple social networks: ~50% in 3-5 social networks, 30% in 6 and 7% in more than 10 social networks
– Mobile Is Emerging as a Frequent Professional Networking Access Point with 94% using a PC and 44% using a Mobile

Some commercials are being released just at the right time wit the right funny approach… – Have you changed your tyres already? It’s winter-time…

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