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daily1A recent study by ShareThis states that email is still the favorite sharing technique (46%) in the websphere, despite the emerging social media tools and networks. Facebook comes in at second place with 33% and then Twitter with 6% (other social sites get 14,4%). But Twitter wins in other categories: 40% of all clicks-throughs come from shared content on Twitter (e-mail 35% and Facebook 25%).

What can you do when your business is facing a social media nightmare? Network Solutions was in this situation and solved it with a very human customer service approach (at least in my eyes…). The main take-away of the story to fight negative comments on their Twitter timeline can be read here…

* Quick turn around times.
* Be very empathic when needed.
* Give 100 percent accurate information if you don’t know the answer be honest and find out.
* Treat every customer the same.
* Care for your customers like it was one of your family members calling in with an issue.

Nespresso and George Clooney have done one or two great commercials. But the latest and longest version is heaven: God, Nespresso and …beautiful women.

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