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daily1German publishers in the marketing arena were the first to monetize their Twitter timeline (cpm = 30-40 cents in B2B!!!). Now, it seems to become a common trend amongst news companies and publishers: paid tweets. The only question is how to monetize the tweets. Is the measurement „cost-per-follower“ (cpf) the right definition? And what is a thousand followers worth – 1 or 5 US dollars – B2B or B2C)? I doubt, this is a good start for a positive monetization future – unless we want to face the same game without a future or „positive“ ROI that the display industry is fighting for years. Sarah Jaferi wrote an interesting summary on the monetization options with Twitter which needs to be mentioned.

What makes a blog really successful? Lucy Langdon thinks it is the engagement people put into it. She wrote a remarkable list and explanation on 50 examples of great blog engagement. And I agree with her… Most of the blogs are really excellent and in my RSS reader…

The new Google Chrome commercial is definitely one of the most creative ideas from the end of the year 2009 – and my start for the commercial season 2010.

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2 Kommentare zu "News Update – Best of the Day"

  1. Lucy am 06.01.2010 09:57 

    Hey, thanks for mentioning my post and very pleased to hear you agree with it.


  2. Martin Meyer-Gosser am 07.01.2010 09:49 

    Lucy, it was a pleasure…!

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