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Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular. A new study by Chetan Sharma Consulting projects $17.5 billion in mobile app sales in 2012. But this sounds extremly positive thinks PC World

Customers always expect the best service possible – no matter if online or offline. But especially online, retailers can loose customers just by small technological fails to more tech-savvy competitors, states a global survey by IBM. Customers want to check out a retailer online before heading to the bricks-and-mortar store. Key take-aways what customers want to do…
– 84% use websites to access and print coupons
– 75% use mobile phones to find out where the nearest store is located
– 72% see what goods are in stock before going into the store.

Creating a fantastic viral advertisement story is a real challenge. Heineken Italy convinced real boys and men on October 21st when Real Madrid played Champions League match against AC Milan to miss the match for a concert. Watch what happened then…

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